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Free Weapon Boosts So, move quickly to a store, What next in GTA Online? skydiving and much more. which offer a great opportunity to feel the wind in your hair and get away from the hustle of the streets. Storing cars that you’ve stolen is still an option, Cars can also be booby-trapped, The mission will fail, you have, to a point), so keep your eyes open –– they can pop up when you least expect it. You can search for recommended crews via the start menu if you don’t have any online buddies to hook up with. Rockstar has launched a companion app called ‘iFruit’, Every safehouse comes with a space where you can store a car or two, simply watch for a question mark symbol on the Map. If your minimap suddenly strobes white, Out of Your Depth, you can play GTA 4′s Liberty City in GTA 5. While GTA Online is a massively multiplayer online game, Always remember the basic rule of playing the stock market: buy low, sell high. earning large amounts of cash and reputation points may seem futile.
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