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Открытый гостевой форум Синодального Миссионерского отдела. Вопросы и ответы. Остальные разделы доступны руководителям епархиальных Миссионерских отделов
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And the scene with Mike disarming the other guys was great.

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What Martin is building towards is the democratization of warfare. Towards a hundred thousand men marching because they believe instead of ten thousand marching for power. It’s one of the monumental turning points of history, and fits well into the way he has tapped the past for story. It came to its first realization with Napoleon. In an age when large armies might be fifty thousand men, he invaded Russia with a half million, lost every single one of them and then raised another army virtually overnight. Crushed once and sent to exile, he escaped and returned to France, gathering another army as he rode north.

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“I feel sorry for you,” says Lee, “but not really.”

I somehow doubt that the Earth-space ratio is what killed this movie. Perhaps Ryan Reynolds’ face just doesn’t translate well in foreign countries. Or maybe part of the issue can be found by looking at the huge push by DC Comics and Warner Bros. to remind their audiences who the Green Lantern is. (As long as you put it on a Subway cup, they will come.)

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